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VIC: Premier Jeff Kennett launches Melbourne Comedy Festival

AAP General News (Australia)
VIC: Premier Jeff Kennett launches Melbourne Comedy Festival

By Heather Gallagher

MELBOURNE, April 1 AAP - A bemused Premier Jeff Kennett was presented with a patient's
bedpan by actor Reg Evans as he launched the 13th International Comedy Festival today.

Evans was wheeled into the Melbourne Town Hall on a stretcher by nurse Wendy Lung, aka
comedian Tracey Harvey, wearing a tartan dressing-gown and grappling with an intravenous drip.

Mr Kennett became better acquainted with Evans when the comedian lunged at him with a
silver bedpan, shouting "a present from the people of Melbourne".

The pair will perform in Wonderful Ward, one of the 154 acts of the festival, which will
give a humorous insight into life in a cancer ward.

After gaining his composure, the Premier pleased organisers by saying he would, after
reviewing the success of this year's festival, be prepared to review the annual $350,000 which
the state government injects into the event.

"I am not opposed to giving more money ... without putting a figure on it," he said.

"I'd be very happy to review the funding for next year based on the outcome of this year."

Susan Provan, in her fifth year of directing the festival, said the program included music,
film, stand-up comedy, television and radio programs, an online exhibition and a Kids Comedy
Festival with an intensive variety of acts during the school holidays.

"Every year it grows and it's a matter of trying to keep pace with it and make sure we can
deliver as much audience as possible to make all the shows relatively financially successful,"
she told AAP.

"Every year more and more artists seem to want to put their work in the festival because it
really is developing very strongly as a really good industry showcase."

When the festival officially concludes on April 26, it will become The Road Show with two
tours of ten comedians, one travelling up the west coast of Australia, the other up the east

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