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Fed: Pakistan guaranteed player safety, says PM

Fed: Pakistan guaranteed player safety, says PM

CAIRNS, Aug 12 AAP - Prime Minister John Howard today revealed Pakistani PresidentPervez Musharraf personally guaranteed the security of Australia's cricketers during theirnow cancelled tour to Pakistan.

Mr Howard, a self-confessed cricket tragic, said the Australian Cricket Board had noalternative but to cancel the tour and that it was a great shame.

"The president rang me about two and a half weeks ago, we had a conversation for abouthalf an hour," he told Cairns radio 846.

"He asked me to tell the board players would be safe, he said he would guarantee their security."

Mr Howard said he passed the information on to the Australian Cricket Board but toldGeneral Musharraf it was a matter for the ACB to decide.

"I don't think they had any alternative, particularly in light of recent events, butit is a great shame," he said.

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