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FED: Diabetes cure years away researcher

AAP General News (Australia)
FED: Diabetes cure years away researcher

A leading Australian diabetes researcher says a reported breakthrough in the search for a
cure won't be available to sufferers for some years.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a US expert believes a 30-minute transfusion may
provide a cure for Australia's 100,000 insulin-dependent diabetics.

Insulin-dependent diabetes is the most serious form of the disease.

University of Minnesota specialist BERNHARD HERING was quoted as saying a 30-minute
transfusion could provide the cure if clinical tests were successful.

DON CHISHOLM, professor of endocrinology at St Vincent's Hospital and based at the Garvan
Institute of Medical Research in Sydney, says the development is an important step forward.

However, he says that from what he has seen of the information, one shouldn't regard that
as a cure which is available now.

He says one can hope it will be available in a few years' time.

The number of Australians suffering from various kinds of diabetes has risen from 400,000
in 1980 to 800,000 -- and half of them do not know they suffer from the disease.

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