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Fed: Australians to don boardshorts against youth suicide

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Australians to don boardshorts against youth suicide

MELBOURNE, April 6 AAP - Students and workers at around 800 sites in Australia are
expected to don boardshorts today in a bid to raise funds to prevent youth suicide.

An initiative of youth organisation, Here for Life, National Boardshorts Day also aimed
to raise awareness of youth suicide, the organisation's executive director Andrew Kay

Money raised through fees paid to join today's event would support a preventative program
aimed at high schools, and a general program to equip young people with general life skills.

"It's basically our Red Nose Day (an annual event to raise awareness of sudden infant
death syndrome)," said Mr Kay.

"It's a combination of both raising awareness and a fund-raising event for the prevention
of youth suicide."

He said more than 800 schools and worksites had registered to be involved today.

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