воскресенье, 4 марта 2012 г.


Byline: MARIA McBRIDE BUCCIFERRO Special to the Times Union -

Players in the sport of kings give the new film ``Seabiscuit,'' featuring the Spa track, a two-thumbs-up rating.

``No sex, no bad words. It's a wonderful family movie,'' said Eileen Cornacchia, wife of horse owner Joe Cornacchia, a two-time Kentucky Derby winner with Strike the Gold and Go for Gin, as she left Regal Cinemas at Wilton Mall Wednesday. ``It's like ``National Velvet.'' People will be watching it in 40 years -- on their pinky ring TV.''

A second generation printer in the East Village of New York, Joe Cornacchia, had printed Trivial Pursuit before he lost the contract. He then founded a new company that marketed Pictionary. That firm is now worth $125 million. He can relate to the …

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