вторник, 13 марта 2012 г.

Conjoined Twins to Be Separated

Parents of twins born attached at the chest want to have theinfants surgically separated, a family member said Wednesday.

After weighing alternatives presented by doctors from LoyolaUniversity Medical Center, Ken and Reitha Lakeberg decided thatsurgery would be the best way to save the babies.

Doctors, however, have lowered the chance of survival ofeither twin to 1 percent, significantly lower than the 10 percent to15 percent they initially gave the Wheatfield, Ind., family.

Bill Welsh, brother-in-law of Reitha Lakeberg, said the couplediscussed their options at home after returning from an informalmeeting with Loyola doctors. He said their decision had not beencommunicated to doctors. Doctors have not made a recommendationeither way in the case.

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