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Vic: Pokies venues rort community benefit rule: report

AAP General News (Australia)
Vic: Pokies venues rort community benefit rule: report

Victorian pokies venues are ploughing hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue intended
for community purposes into their own expenses.

A Monash University study has found less than three per cent of the 376 million dollars
to have been handed over under gambling laws for community benefit actually went to charities
and community groups.

The study found 236 million of the community benefit statements submitted by pubs and
clubs were wages paid to employees .. while almost 50 million dollars was used to cover
costs including utilities bills and insurance.

Fairfax newspapers report another 53.5 million was spent by pokies venues on renovations
.. and construction of outdoor areas to accommodate coming indoor smoking bans.

Under state tax rules, pokies venues must prove they direct 8.3 per cent of poker machine
revenue for community benefit or risk losing lucrative tax breaks.

Fairfax says anger among community and charity groups prompted the Victorian government
yesterday to announce a review of the community benefit scheme.

Meanwhile .. News Limited has revealed gamblers have punted and lost nine billion dollars
.. or 2.46 million a day .. at Crown Casino since its lavish Yarra-side gambling, retail
and entertainment complex opened at Southbank a decade ago next month.

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