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QLD:CSG protester's case adjourned

AAP General News (Australia)
QLD:CSG protester's case adjourned

BRISBANE, Aug 25 AAP - A court case involving veteran conservationist Drew Hutton,
who was arrested during a blockade against coal seam gas (CSG), has been adjourned.

The Lock the Gate Alliance president was charged in March with obstructing a CSG company
without reasonable excuse.

He was arrested south of Chinchilla on the western downs, and charged under the Petroleum
and Gas Act with an offence that carries a potential $50,000 fine.

The protest was part of a month-long campaign by local farmers and environmentalists
to stop Queensland Gas Company building a 16km pipeline to take gas from wells on the
Tara Estate to a nearby processing plant.

The case in Chinchilla Magistrates Court on Thursday was adjourned to December 7.

Mr Hutton considers it a test case to determine if there is a right for all landholders
to stop CSG companies entering their properties.

"I want to win this case, and I want to do it reasonably quickly so that all landholders
can lock their gates with confidence," he told AAP after the hearing.

A Queensland Gas Company spokesman declined to comment while the case was before the courts.

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