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Qld: Police agree to new pay deal

AAP General News (Australia)
Qld: Police agree to new pay deal

BRISBANE, Dec 10 AAP - Queensland police officers have accepted a new pay deal with
the state government following a lengthy union campaign.

Queensland Police Union acting president Denis Fitzpatrick said 88.6 per cent of its
members had voted to accept the collective agreement, which would deliver a minimum five
per cent a year pay rise.

He said the result was a win for all the officers who had dedicated their time to pressuring
the state government into offering them a better deal.

"They turned up for public meetings, marched on parliament and some even helped us
make the 'mad world' television mini documentary," Mr Fitzpatrick said.

"A union is only as strong as its membership and it was the unity of the members of
this union that eventually broke the deadlock with government.

"Our union not only negotiated with the government, but ran the largest media campaign
ever undertaken by an individual union in pursuit of a fair enterprise bargaining deal."

During the campaign, the union had argued Queensland police were being lured interstate
because of fairer pay conditions elsewhere.

The new deal sets a minimum five per cent a year increase for all police with additional
increases for those who work nightshifts, qualify for other allowances or are officers
in charge.

Officers will receive back pay to July 1.

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