воскресенье, 19 февраля 2012 г.

Living legends.(Trash)

Holmes, one-time suitor of Andy Roy (see page 170), has now incorporated Lincoln Ueda into the blend at Hosoiv. Good work, Lincoln! Mare and the Casuals and Tommy G's Get Rad 6 performed for a much-attended San Francisco Food Bank benefit at the esteemed Hemlock Tavern on Polk Street. There are rumors of a live audio documentation of the proceedings that might eventually take its presence further--assuming the soundperson on duty that night was able to figure out how to engage the phantom power.
The New York Times, that sanctimonious alleged pinnacle of respectable journalism, recently "broke" the story of legions of bucket brigades foraging off the thousands of abandoned pools that have been created by the economic recession. Certainly this could be interpreted as international news, but isn't it revealing that such stories of urban repurposing of resources have been documented in the skateboarding press for four decades? In particular, the New York Pulitzer Prize seekers plundered the recent efforts of Addikt skateboards and others like Skateandannoy.com. At least old skate news is becoming the topic of the future. For the record: One out of 194 US households were in some state of foreclosure in 2008. Trouble in paradise equals recreational potential.

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