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With only 11 days until Election Day, the Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) continued its "Countdown to Real Change for Arkansas," highlighting some of the key reasons why voters are rejecting U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln's (D-AR) out-of-touch agenda in Washington.
After she cast the 60th vote to pass the stimulus bill - which she promised included "timely, targeted, and temporary investments" that would "help put Arkansans back to work" - Lincoln continued to defend the bill just a few months ago, claiming that "the Recovery Act has done exactly what it was intended to do... I think it's worked." Yet despite Lincoln's empty rhetoric, Arkansas' unemployment rate increased from 6.8 percent in February 2009 to 7.5 percent in August 2010.
"Is this the 'recovery' that Blanche Lincoln promised when she helped President Barack Obama ram through his costly stimulus bill?" asked RPA Senior Communications Advisor Alice Stewart. "Voters in Arkansas deserve better, which is why they are ready to elect John Boozman to the U.S. Senate this November."
The Stimulus Has Failed To Control Unemployment In Arkansas, But Lincoln Has Still Defended It
Lincoln Said The Stimulus Included "Timely, Targeted, And Temporary Investments" That Would "Help Put Arkansans Back To Work." "The recovery bill also includes timely, targeted, and temporary investments that will help create new jobs, improve our communities, and strengthen our economic security. These time-sensitive investments will help put Arkansans back to work and help put our economy back on the right track." (Senator Blanche Lincoln Website, www.lincoln.senate.gov, Accessed 9/3/10)
In July, Lincoln Said "The Recovery Act Has Done Exactly What It Was Intended To Do. . . . I Think It's Worked." "'The Recovery Act has done exactly what it was intended to do,' said Arkansas' Sen. Blanche Lincoln. 'I think it's worked. I don't think anyone entered into this thinking we'd be back to normal in a year. The objective here was to stop the hemorrhaging and let the wound heal.'" (Alex Daniels, "Stimulus Debate: Failure Or Boon? Democrats, GOP Spar Over Effects," Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 7/18/10)
When The Stimulus Passed In February 2009, The Unemployment Rate In Arkansas Was 6.8%. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 10/19/10)
As Of August 2010, The Unemployment Rate In Arkansas Was 7.5%. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.data.bls.gov, Accessed 10/22/10)
Since The Stimulus Passed In February 2009, Arkansas Has 38,449 Fewer Jobs. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics, www.bls.gov, Accessed 10/19/10)
A Report By Senators Coburn And McCain Revealed A Massive Amount Of Waste In The Stimulus
CNBC Reported The Coburn And McCain Stimulus Survey "Found That Some Of The Spending Didn't Create Jobs -- It Actually Led To Job Losses." "Two Republican senators have conducted an exhaustive survey of the Obama administration's $787 billion economic stimulus spending and found that some of the spending didn't create jobs -- it actually led to job losses. Call it the federal law of unintended consequences. All in all, Senators Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) scrutinized 100 projects, finding that some eliminated jobs, and others were simply questionable expenditures of money." (Eamon Javers, "GOP Report Points To Stimulus Money Gone Awry," CNBC, 8/3/10)
"Stimulus Money Is Going Toward Ipods For High School Students In Utah, Cellphones For Smokers Trying To Quit In Washington And Advertising Devoted To The Promotion Of . . . The Stimulus." (Peter Nicholas and Julia Love, "Stimulus Funds For Ipods And Cellphones?" Los Angeles Times, 8/3/10)
"The National Science Foundation Shelled Out Nearly $60,000 In Stimulus Dollars To Study People's Perceptions Of Federal Stimulus Spending." (Eamon Javers, "GOP Report Points To Stimulus Money Gone Awry," CNBC, 8/3/10)
"The Coburn-McCain Report Found That The Department Of Health And Human Services Has Sent $71,623 To Researchers At Wake Forest University To See How Monkeys React Under The Influence Of Cocaine." (Eamon Javers, "GOP Report Points To Stimulus Money Gone Awry," CNBC, 8/3/10)
According To The Report, Small Businesses Across The Country Experienced A Decrease In Business Due To Stimulus-Funded Road Construction Projects And Other Unintended Consequences.
"The Report, Obtained In Advance By CNBC, Spotlights Everything From Federal Stimulus Money That Went To Study The Effects Of Cocaine On Monkeys To Dollars That Went To Construction Projects That Blocked Access To Local Businesses -- Which Laid Off Employees As A Result." (Eamon Javers, "GOP Report Points To Stimulus Money Gone Awry," CNBC, 8/3/10)

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