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Lincoln-Way News

L-Way Central Mathletes earn place at state competition The Lincoln-Way Central High School Mathletes took 20th place recently during a state meet at the University of Illinois. The team was the highest-scoring partial team in the contest. Freshman Mike Dybala competed in the Algebra I contest and scored 12 points. Rachel Post led the Geometry team by finishing in 14th place. Other members of the Geometry team, which as a group took 11th place, were Isaac Carrasquillo, Darek Blachowicz, Kevin Tishka, Brandon White and Lauren Kelly. The Algebra II team finished in 15th place and included members Becca Post, T.J. Dohm, Jack Meister, Bobby Lark, Dan Frankowski and Michael Palgen. Seniors Jason Mudrock, Shane Allen, Caitlin Murray, Ken Ruffatto, Samantha Sainsbury and Zacke Naughton took 17th place in the Pre-Calculus contest. Lincoln-Way West High School Road to Reality a success Lincoln-Way West High School recently held its Road to Reality event to raise awareness of the physical, emotional and legal consequences of underage alcohol and drug use and the possible consequences of those choices. During the event, students participated in role-playing scenes that included a teen party, an accident scene, an emergency room, a coroner's office and a courtroom scene in which a teen driver was sentenced to 28 years in prison. Sophomore Ashley Greenwood played the part of the teen driver. "I got involved in this because I wanted to show kids it's not fun and games to drink," she said. "One simple action can alter your whole life." L-Way North students shine at national bridge contest Lincoln-Way North High School students Nick Frodyma and Nick Wozniak recently participated in the National Bridge Building contest in Philadelphia, Pa. Frodyma finished third, and Wozniak finished sixth. "This is an outstanding result for both students," Lincoln-Way North science teacher Michael Murphy said. "This shows their dedication and hard work. Lincoln-Way North is very proud to have both of these students represent the strong academic principles here at North." Both Frodyma and Wozniak qualified for the National Bridge Building contest after performing well at the Chicago South Suburban Regionals in January. They were among 60 students from 25 schools in the south suburban area to compete at the contest, was was held at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Frodyma and Wozniak placed in the top six, beating students from California, Nebraska, Idaho, Nevada, Washington, Maryland, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Jawa Timur. "It felt good knowing I could make something that is top-notch," Frodyma said. Students were challenged at each level of competition to use concepts learned in class to build miniature weight-bearing bridges from basswood. Frodyma's final bridge weighed 23.6 grams and held 110 pounds. Wozniak's bridge weighed 21.79 grams and held 42.9 grams of weight. Frodyma received a $15,000 scholarship to the Illinois Institute of Technology and a digital camera.

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