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The Lincoln Log On This Day

OCTOBER 12, 1850
In the De Witt County Circuit Court, located in Clinton, Illinois, Lincoln writes an answer to plaintiff James Allsup's petition. Allsup claims that Lincoln's client, Alexander Argo, failed to pay for work that Allsup completed on a house, and that Argo refused to continue to board Allsup. Lincoln explains that Allsup did not complete the work. Lincoln admits that Argo "did refuse to board [Allsup] any longer" but only after Allsup failed to complete the work by the agreed deadline.
OCTOBER 13, 1862
President Lincoln writes to Major General George McClellan and encourages a more aggressive course of action. Lincoln reasons, "You remember my speaking to you of what I called your overcautiousness. Are you not over-cautious when you assume that you can not do what the enemy is constantly doing? Should you not claim to be at least his equal in prowess, and act upon the claim?"
OCTOBER 14, 1859
At the Clinton, Illinois, courthouse, Lincoln speaks at a Republican gathering. A newspaper reports, "He"traced the beginning of the"party in 1854 to its present altitude of power and greatness....'Our position,' says Mr. L., 'is right-our principles are good and just, but I would desire to impress on every Republican present to have patience and steadiness"whether defeated or successful"I do hope that as there is a just and righteous God in Heaven, our principles will and shall prevail sooner or later.'"
OCTOBER 15, 1863
President Lincoln writes to Secretary of War Edwin Stanton on behalf of Abigail Berea, who, Lincoln explains, "had a husband and three sons in the war, and has been a nurse herself, without pay, during nearly the whole war. Her husband was killed at Gettysburg, and one of her sons also has died in the service. One other son she is willing to leave in the service"but the youngest, James H. Benjamin,"who is in poor health, she asks to have discharged. Let it be done."
OCTOBER 16, 1862
President Lincoln writes to U.S. Senator Henry Rice, of Minnesota, regarding the recent clash between the Dakota Indians and white settlers and soldiers. Hundreds died as a result of the hostilities. Lincoln seeks to re-establish "peace and"order" in the state. Lincoln writes, "Your long experience in that country will enable you to judge for the best"I expect much good to result from your action in the premises, and sincerely hope that the mission"may be accomplished."
OCTOBER 17, 1862
At the White House, President Lincoln receives promoter P.T. Barnum and the three-foottall entertainer, Commodore Nutt, whose actual name is George Washington Morrison Nutt. A newspaper reports, "All the members of the Cabinet were present, and relished the extraordinary exhibition, while the manly little Commodore was in the best of spirits, and at the request of his distinguished audience sang 'Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean.'"
OCTOBER 18, 1839
In the Macon County Circuit Court case of Adkin v. Meisenhelder, the parties agree to dismiss the slander suit. David Adkin accused Lincoln's client, Levi Meisenhelder, of calling Adkin "a damned rascally thief [who]"has stolen hogs." Adkin complained that Meisenhelder's words "greatly injured [Adkin's] good name fame & credit and brought [Adkin] into public scandal infamy and disgrace." Adkin sought $1,000 in damages. Meisenhelder did not deny speaking the words and claimed that he could "verify" the accusations.

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