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Lanterns in the skyI just wanted to clear up comments about “Night Sky”

Lanterns in the sky

I just wanted to clear up comments about “Night Sky” regarding the lights in the sky around 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 10. This was the day which I got married. They’re actually lanterns that we let go. They create a journey in the sky that resembles the journey my now husband and I are embarking on.
Palestine statehood
Why are the Christians in Israel against statehood for Palestine? They didn’t seem to be against Israel becoming a nation in 1948 against many unwilling in the Middle East. So I’m wondering if that isn’t hypocritical?
New math
President Obama is right. It’s not class warfare, it’s math. The number is 46 million Americans who are living in poverty; 14 million is the number of Americans who are out of work and zero is the number of Republicans who are willing to raise taxes slightly on the rich.
Fair is fair
Fair is fair. If the mayor of Antioch wants to start charging the community groups then let’s start charging the downtown businesses for the taxpayer dollars that are poured into their businesses. At least there is a return to the community from the group with scholarships, food baskets, etc. The only return from the businesses is always asking for more from the taxpayers. It’s not our businesses to support.
On second thought
In response to rethinking Halloween. Let’s not rethink.
Say no more
The Waukegan School Board should not back down on the busing service. We, the taxpayers, do not have to transport the kids back and forth to school unless they live over 1.5 miles. No more. Say no more. Parents be responsible for your children.
Township service
I recently called JULIE to get my property tagged and the Antioch Township Highway Department was out within 24 hours to flag their easement. Talk about service. They’ve done a wonderful job and I just wanted to thank them publicly. Keep up the good work.
Lincoln Center
To the person wondering what Lincoln Center is: It is central offices for Waukegan Public Schools. It looks like a school because the building previously housed Holy Child High School. It was opened in 1921 as Holy Child, and sold to Waukegan Schools in the late 1970s.
Somehow teachers give the impression that the more money they make the better educated our children will be. Why don’t we pay them all $1 million a year and every child we send to school will end up at Harvard or Yale and be multi-billionaires? That sounds logical to me. How about you?
Right direction
I met Joe Walsh when he was campaigning and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. I’m sorry about his personal situation, but I wish you guys would quit exploiting people that are trying to help our country come back. Yes, he needs to own up to his responsibilities, but I do believe he is trying to guide our country in the right direction.
Missing child
Regarding “Sheriff alert” in the TOTC. This person states that the sheriff called at 11 p.m. and told you about a girl that was missing from age 6 to 8. Then you asked: “What do they expect me to do go out and look for her?” No, they want to let you know that this child is missing. If it was your children, wouldn’t you want them letting everybody know in case they see her so they can get her back to her parents? Think about it.
Phrase that pays
Why is it when the Republicans gave the wealthy a big tax break it was called stimulating the economy by encouraging job growth? But when the middle class gets their tax break and they raise the tax for the rich it’s called class warfare. I wish you Republicans would stick to one phrase. You guys are so transparent.
Picture perfect
On Sept. 20 you had a picture of Jereme Richmond that made him look like an absolute criminal, yet he hasn’t been convicted of anything. Then on Sept. 21, you had a picture of Melissa Calusinski, who has been accused of killing someone, that made her look just like a poster child of the greatest college student in the world. Why the disparity and discretion? Why would you do that? It’s unbelievable and totally unfair.
Public servants
We can’t afford “servants” anymore! Public employees are on “welfare with dignity”!
Fact Box: Plenty of time If you have time to do media interviews, hold protests and supervise the children that you keep home from school then you have time to get out there and walk those children, and maybe a few of your neighbors’ children, to school. Don’t expect others to handle your own responsibility.

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