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Fed: Libs seat win looks certain in Tasmania's Upper House

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Libs seat win looks certain in Tasmania's Upper House

By Paul Carter

HOBART, Aug 1 AAP - The Liberals have almost certainly won a Tasmanian Upper House
seat from Labor in a by-election for the Hobart division of Pembroke.

Liberal candidate Vanessa Goodwin was on course to poll about 40 per cent of the primary
vote on Saturday, according to electoral commission figures.

Honey Bacon, the widow of former Tasmanian premier Jim Bacon, is among seven independents
headed for defeat in the contest.

Allison Ritchie, niece of Labor senator Carol Brown, quit Pembroke abruptly in June
following revelations she had employed several members of her family in contravention
of Legislative Council rules and had retained staff beyond her entitlement after she resigned
from her minister's post in November 2008.

The state's auditor-general is investigating the appointment of Ms Ritchie's mother,
those of two sisters and a brother-in-law to her office.

Goodwin is expected to claim victory on Sunday.

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