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Fed: Customs to launch new high-tech helicopter

AAP General News (Australia)
Fed: Customs to launch new high-tech helicopter

BRISBANE, April 23 AAP - Australian Customs is to launch a newly outfitted, ultra-modern
helicopter to patrol Australia's far north.

Based at Horn Island in Torres Strait, the Bell 412 will carry out surveillance and
search and rescue activities, as well as conduct medical evacuations.

The chopper will be fitted with technology called the Surveillance Information Management
system, which will allow it to communicate via broadband while airborne - a first for
Australian helicopters.

Australian Helicopters chief executive Neil Shea said the system would greatly improve
communications and surveillance in Torres Strait.

"This technology will allow crews on patrol to transmit live location, surveillance
images and communications information back to the Australian Customs and Border Protection
Service headquarters in Canberra and receive informed instructions in real time," Mr Shea

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